The fundamentally better way to manage your freelance business

How do you manage your freelance business? Plutio first enterered my freelance life during a conversation on Twitter looking at alternatives to email. Stepping into the world of self-employed freelancing in digital I needed to figure out how to juggle different clients, various projects, tasks and activities as well as keep on top of time-tracking and invoicing.  Gluing things together with spreadsheets, documents and multiple email threads works, but takes a lot of time to manage. 

A fellow freelancer mentioned in that conversation that they were using Plutio to keep on top of juggling clients, projects, invoices and tasks.  A free trial later, followed by a low monthly subscription, I'm now riding on a platform that I don't know how I would manage without today. I'm so pleased I found it!

If you are self-employed, running a small business, stepping into freelancing, you need to take a look at this. I think you'll like it too.

Check out the video below, I've listed some of the reasons I love Plutio and I think you will too.



A smart digital way to manage your self-employed business

The first few projects I picked up as a self-employed freelancer were managed on scraps of paper, email threads and documents I created with notes all over the place. It was a nightmare! It's no way to manage your freelance business.

I'd seen project management tools like Trello before and I'd become a big fan of that. But it wasn't enough to fairly track my time across multiple clients, make sure tasks were completed on time and within budget as well as making sure the financial side of invoicing was caterered for.

I hadn't gone looking for it, but I found in Plutio a way to manage my entire business that has become a fundamental cornerstone to what I do and could be a help for you to manage your freelance business.


Manage projects and tasks

Projects and tasks need managing. When you're working with a variety of clients and projects, it's difficult when there are different tools, conversations and milestones to manage. One of the things I love about Plutio is that I can get a holistic view of everything that's on my plate, when it needs doing and for who. 

The cool thing is that all this integrates with my calendar too. This makes it easy for me on at least two counts. Firstly, when I'm booking an appointment into my calendar or someone is checking my availability, any tasks, activities I've recorded in Plutio are blocked out for me. In a similar way, when I'm planning projects and agreeing timelines with clients, my calendar being visible in Plutio means that I avoid double-booking.

It's really good. 


Transparent communication with clients

Just as with any business, customer service is king. That involves communicating and collaborating with my clients on how their projects are progressing. This usually involves compiling reports on task completion and activities completed as well as request information and input at certain points along the way. It's a very transparent and customer friendly way to manage your freelance business.

Plutio makes this incredibly easy for me. I can give different levels of access to project information providing a self-service and live update on project progress. In addition it helps me to assign tasks to those I am working with in client organisations speeding up the input required from them and the information needed to complete activities. 

It makes things a breeze for me.


Accurate time tracking and fair client billing

Probably the biggest and most useful feature for me on Plutio is the awesome time tracking. Different clients work with me in different ways, some long term over several months, some need a few weeks or days, whilst others just need a few hours.

Making sure that I bill for what I do and only what I do is important to me. In the midst of juggling various activites, those that have paid for a full day or a full hour, deserve that time. Whilst many want that time all together, some prefer the flexibility of spreading that time over a longer period.

The time tracking side of Plutio makes this a breeze. I can easily measure and report on the time that I spend for each client, broken down into project, task and activity. And Plutio is smart enough to know just what I need to bill and to who.


Make it easy and quick for clients to pay

...and of course all this freelancing self-employed lark isn't just for fun is it? Even though it is fun, there's a need to make it pay right? We have mouths to feed and roofs over our head to keep?

Plutio makes it really easy for my clients to pay me. Typically, I use an invoice for most clients where they pay directly into my bank. It's very easy for me to plug my invoices directly into leading debit/credit card providers as well as Pay Pal. 

It saves so much time in the financial managment of my freelance business. I'd recommend anyone that is freelancing, self-employed or small business take a look.