Stop Motion Typography Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are popular. I’ve been playing about with a new style of them recently, stop motion typography.

For a while, I’ve been a fan of taking text and bringing it to life in animated videos. There’s something powerful about drawing people into the words. Timing it well enough that it sinks in that bit more than the written word. It engages through movement and alignment with beats that helps to make the message stick with your audience.

The applications for this are within marketing, but have a nice link to online learning. As an introduction to, a summary of a topic, or a division block in between content. In fact animated videos have many places. They can also be used to as cutaways in videos to present key words of the audio story that is being shared in other formats.

A while back, I created an animated video from the text of a blog turning the words of the blog into a piece which became tips to help people study.

In this recent video below, I’ve played about with Stop Motion Typography as a way of getting a message across. I’m interesting in talking to people who want to use this style with their own message. Whether it’s an explainer video, promotion or a product launch or to support a learning initiative. So if it’s a style of video you can see yourself using please do get in touch.

In the meantime, here’s the video I made using Stop Motion Typography.



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